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Oxo-Biodegradable Bin Liners -  Pack of 50

Oxo-Biodegradable Bin Liners - Pack of 50

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Oxo-Biodegradable Bin Liners

Product Information:

  • White.
  • Made from Oxo-biodegradable plastic.
  • 120 cm circumference opening and gussets for expansion.
  • 80 cm x 30 cm
  • Pack of 50

How is it different to products made from conventional plastics?

TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastics Additives) when added in small quantities to the most common and widely used commodity resins during the manufacture of finished plastic products, causes the modified plastic to degrade at a controlled rate.

EPI’s TDPA formulations catalyse or accelerate the degradation rate of plastics, increasing the rate of degradation by 100s – 1000s of times faster.

The overall process from polymer to water, carbon dioxide and bio-mass is called oxo-biodegradation. Test results and proven scientific studies have verified that TDPA incorporated products degrade, disintegrate and biodegrade.

How does it degrade?

When discarded in soil in the presence of micro organisms, moisture and oxygen, it will biodegrade, decomposing into simple materials found in nature. The product is degradable to non-toxic end products within 1-2 years, when discarded in landfill. Once in landfill, the micro organisms break it down to Carbon Dioxide CO2, water, humus (complex organic substance which is important to the fertility of soils), and trace elements (micro-nutrients which are required by living organisms). They are consumed by micro organisms after the additives have reduced the weight. Other relevant factors include:

  • Does not leave fragments of petro-polymers in the soil
  • Does not emit methane or nitrous oxide
  • Can be safely recycled
  • Can be composted – Degradable bags are ideal for disposal in landfill. The bags are also designed to degrade in home compost or commercial compost. However, the speed of degradation always depends on the actual location and condition of the compost

Also comes in 80 cm x 90 cm