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DE Healthcare Offering Great Discounts on Masks

DECEMBER PRESS RELEASE – DE Healthcare Offering Great Discounts on Masks

With all of New Zealand now at Alert Level 1, the use of masks or face coverings is mandatory for people travelling on public transport services in, into and out of the Auckland region, the drivers of small passenger service vehicles in Auckland, such as taxis and app-based ride services and people travelling on passenger flights throughout New Zealand. In view of this encouraged mask use around the country and compulsory use on travel for Aucklanders, DE Healthcare are offering great discounts on masks, including ASTM Level 2 blue masks and kids’ Zooby kids earloop masks.

A mask or face covering needs to cover both your nose and mouth, and it is important not to touch your mask or face covering while you are wearing it. Remember to wash or sanitise your hands before removing your mask or face covering and putting it back on.

For the rest of New Zealand, while it is not mandatory to wear a mask on public transport during Alert Level 1, it is encouraged.

Masks and face coverings can be useful if there is known community transmission and people are near each other (less than two metres apart). For example, in shops or other confined or crowded environments.

Primary care workers are the first point of contact for patients. Therefore, it is critical for this group of workers to understand the significant role of personal protective equipment and the importance of adhering to proper donning, doffing, and discarding protocols in epidemic control. These measures are crucial in curtailing disease transmission and the overall containment of the contagion. The use of a mask or face covering will complement basic hygiene measures. Testing and contact tracing also remain critical.

Finally, despite global shortages of PPE items, DE Healthcare are still able to supply both latex and nitrile gloves, as well as masks and hand sanitiser, and for more information on wholesale tattoo supplies, dental instruments and infection control supplies please go to .