Get Your Infection Control Products from DE Healthcare

MARCH PRESS RELEASE – Get Your Infection Control Products from DE Healthcare


DE Healthcare are a New Zealand based healthcare distributor dedicated to providing their dental, medical and veterinary customers with the essential products they use on an everyday basis. However, with the advent of the Coronavirus or Covid-19, people are looking for more specific items, and there has been a massive increase in sales in both masks and also other infection control products.

What began with a handful of mysterious illnesses in a vast central China city has now travelled the world, jumping from animals to humans and from obscurity to international headlines. Covid-19 spreads more easily than SARS and is similar to other coronaviruses that cause cold-like symptoms, experts have said. It appears to be highly transmissible, and since cases are mild, the disease may be more widespread than current testing numbers suggest.

There have been reports of people transmitting the virus before they show symptoms, but most experts think this is probably not a major driver of new infections. What is concerning, however, is that symptoms can be mild and the disease can clearly spread before people realize they’re sick. SARS spread when people had full-blown illness, which is one reason it was possible to contain it — it was easier to tell who had the virus.

If you are somebody who is sick and is coughing or sneezing, surgical masks will capture most of your sneeze from possibly infecting somebody else, so they’re worth it in that case. But for prevention, masks are hard to use properly and don’t do all that much, so your preparatory efforts are better focused elsewhere, as in the infection prevention products supplied by DE Healthcare. They have everything that you could possibly need, including masks, nitrile, latex and black gloves, wipes and pouches. DE is your go to place for affordable infection prevention products.


Their range of masks include medical and dental grade quality earloop masks, and come in blue, pink and white colours. The range also includes Henry Schein Level 2 earloop masks, so for more information on black rubber gloves, self-seal sterilization pouches and infection control products please go to .