DE Healthcare Has Hand Sanitiser & Earloop Masks Back in Stock

JULY PRESS RELEASE – DE Healthcare Has Hand Sanitiser & Earloop Masks Back in Stock

DE Healthcare is a New Zealand-based healthcare distributor of infection control supplies for dental, veterinary, and beauty industries, and they provide a variety of dental products and tattoo aftercare supplies used on an everyday basis. This month they are pleased to report the return of their cost effective level 1 ASTM standard pink earloop masks, which also come in blue, and their Aeris Hand Sanitiser and Actisan Gel.


DE Healthcare’s Level 1 Medical/Dental Grade Masks, are light, comfortable masks for extended wear when necessary. They are made from special stretch yarn: no irritating rubber or plastic touches the skin. The three-ply, glass-free filter media is surrounded by soft, non-irritating inner and outer facing. Manufactured to EN 14683 IR regulation.

Bacteria filtration of 99.9 % / 0,29 mikrons. Box of 50 masks each.

The Aeris Hand Sanitiser Liquid 125ml is an anti-microbial instant hand sanitiser, and kills 99.99% germs without water. Similarly, Actisan Gel is a proprietary formula developed to exacting standards which leaves skin soft, fresh and clean, It is rinse free and non-sticky, dries quickly and is cosmetically enhanced, with a crystal clear presentation. It is easy spreading and fast melting, and its active cosmetic moisturisers and emollients counteract drying effects. It also contains 70% v/v Absolute Ethanol.

DE Healthcare’s deals for this month also include patient bibs, dental mirrors and dental disposable needles, and they also have face shields available, so for more information on wholesale tattoo supplies, latex gloves NZ and dental products NZ please go to .