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Hand Sanitiser Liquid 500ml

Hand Sanitiser Liquid 500ml

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MAC Arandell Hand Sanitiser Liquid


Features & Benefits:

  • Compliant  -  Carries a high degree of compliance (see below)
  • Additives - Fragrance, colour and triclosan free
  • Large Format - Packed in large format high efficiency formats means less stock and less waste
  • Non-Staining - Won’t stain, no tacky residue
  • Fast Drying - Air dries quickly
  • Active Constituents - 70% v/v ethanol
  • Efficacious - Concentration established at least 99.9% effective against common germs
  • Method of Action - Ethanol denatures the proteins and dissolves the lipids in the cell wall of micro-organisms, this allows the ethanol to enter the cell and lyse it (break down the cell membrane) by osmotic pressure