BD Sharps Container 7.6L

BD Sharps Container 7.6L

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Available in Fluted top or Open top options. Fluted top is designed to limit accessibility to the collector contents. Open top features a larger diameter to accommodate disposal needs in nonpatient or non-public areas.

Ideal for use in:

• Blood collection trays

• Laboratories

• Physician and Dental offices

• Community

Safe Tips for use of Becton's Sharps Collector:

• Do not fill past the fill line

• Change the Sharps Collector as soon as the contents reach the fill line

• When removing a Sharps Collector always use the handles provided

• Secure the lid to the Sharps Collector base correctly, an audible click will be heard once the lid is in place

• Do not dispose of non-sharps waste in Sharps Collectors as this adds unnecessary cost to your waste disposal fees

• Always remember to aim for Point of Use positioning

• When placing a sharp into a Sharps Collector, place the sharp end in first. If using a Counter Balance or Next Generation Sharps Collector, you will still place the sharp end in first, but on a horizontal angle

• Do not recap needles

• Do not de-notch needles off syringes

• If you see that a collector has been positioned unsafely please alert the relevant person in your department