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Prodet All Purpose Clinical Detergent

ProDet All Purpose Detergent 5L

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ProDet® is the “NEW” benchmark for Clinical Detergents in Australia & New Zealand.

Powerful, Safe & formulated to Meet the Australian & New Zealand Standards for Infection Control (AS/NZS 4187 & AS/NZS 4815).

ProDet® Features:

  • Excellent wetting (detergency) across a broad temperature range.
  • Very low foaming under dynamic conditions even at ambient temperature.
  • Corrosion inhibitor incorporated into the formulation.
  • Mild alkaline formulation.
  • Improved performance in hard water.
  • No irritating or hazardous ingredients.
  • Excellent in systems operating under dynamic conditions where continuous, rapid surface-interface formation requires quick migration of surfactant to effect good wetting.

ProDet® Benefits:

  • Highly efficient cleaner for the removal of organic substances especially blood, proteins, fats & lipids.
  • Powerful as a cleaner yet gentle to high quality instruments & equipment.
  • Mild alkaline formulation greatly improves the solubilisation of proteins & fats compared with neutral detergents.
  • Overcomes hard water problems in rural areas.
  • Safe and effective with “mist” free applicator.
  • Safe to store & transport.
  • Economical – ProDet® is a concentrate.  Add only 4mls to water to create a 1 Litre cleaning solution.

Why is  ProDet® so efficient?

ProDet® has a unique formula that includes quality surfactants (surface acting agents) that will Solubilise the bio-burden (penetrate and dissolve into water) and then ProDet® will negatively charge the bio-burden (the gunk) on the hard surface on which it resides (e.g. instruments, serrations on forceps, or equipment). Every surface the instrument surface, the Ultrasonic Cleaner, the sink and the bioburden (gunk) itself will repel each other. This prevents re-deposition of the Bioburden onto the surfaces. Then just rinse clean and dry with an absorbent lint free towel. (see Aquasorb)

The Perfect Detergent for Manual & Ultrasonic Cleaning:

Cleaning is a vital step for preventing cross infection and particularly when reusing surgical instruments & equipment.

The sterilising process is not effective if  residual soil or bio film remain on the surface. The outer coating of the biofilm may simply harden & the underlying organic material will be untouched, leaving a potential source of cross infection.  Some proteins are hydrophobic others are hydrophilic. Refer “Learning Centre”

A powerful cleaning agent is necessary to effectively remove soil & organic matter.  The cleaning agent will solubilise & emulsify the soil. This is induced by the  action of the surfactants. The effectiveness of the cleaning agent is greatly assisted by mechanical action, such as manual brushing, ultrasonic cleaners or mechanical washers.

Ideal for Surface Cleaning:

ProDet® when used as per the dilution rate nominated on the 500 ml Office Dispenser is a dynamic surface cleaner for the clinical environment.

Just apply ProDet®  to the surface then wipe clean and dry with a low lint, single use cloth.

If a surface is clean and dry, then the risk of cross infection is reduced considerably.